The Shadow Knows

The foreign policy of the Obama administration is centered on the concept of soft power, a shadowy, ephemeral mist entirely dependent on the persuasive powers of an increasingly shadowy and irrelevant president. Soft power, smart power, engagement – the insubstantial words drip from not quite visible lips, to drift away, into the mists, where sometimes is seen the shadowy shape of the President of the United States, intent upon his mission of change and hope. Lamont Cranston is not the Shadow, Barack Obama is. Cue the organ music – Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows.



Capable of clouding strong men’s minds

The Shadow drifts like smoke

Across the landscape where he finds

They think he is a joke

“Engagement,” whispers from the dark

“Smart power,” whispers back

The Shadow shifts from Drive to Park

Oft-times the safest tack

The press corps sits in massed array

The Great Seal briefly hid

A shadow drifts but does not stay

A murmur “It’s the kid!”

The open door to Air Force One

Starched honor guard erect

A fleeting shadow blocks the sun

Salutes of hushed respect

The engines rev, she starts to roll

No passenger to see

The crew though knows their current goal

Lies far beyond the sea

The Shadow knows his only chance

To save what he loves most

Is ask his partners one more dance

Then revel in the toast

That his success will surely bring

In bringing lasting peace

To all, both beggar and great king

By labor without cease

The Shadow knows that without him

The world would come to blows

Bestride the world, yet feebly dim

The Shadow always knows



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