The Sheriff

Uncle Sam was once the world cop, the Sheriff, who kept the peace with a six gun on his hip and a confident smile on his lips. No more. President Obama has announced he is out of the Sheriff business and is turning the town over to the Chinese gang. Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines are only now beginning to realize their big brother isn’t going to protect them from the school bullies any more, and are about to nuke up. Has the Sheriff just gotten tired of being the cop, or is demobilizing the US military and turning the world over to our enemies some Obama master plan? It’s high  noon and the Sheriff, now an old man, is taking a nap.

The sheriff moseyed up the street
A cap gun on his hip
A cane tapped tapping at his feet
Just so he wouldn’t trip
He’d just awakened from his nap
And heard the dreaded news
The Chinese rearranged the map
While he in office snoozed
His deputies knew they were next
And asked what should they do
The sheriff left them truly vexed
They knew the other shoe
Would shortly fall upon their heads
Would Sheriff Sam respond?
Or should they crawl beneath their beds
Wrapped in a deep despond
The sheriff stopped and made his choice
Took off his gun and badge
And said in a soft old man’s voice
I’m gittin’ outta Dadge

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