The Slashing Sword

We know the short term future of Western Europe is Islamization, but what happens after France and Germany and all else in between see Muslim majorities vote in Muslim governments? The only obvious answer is the eventual disappearance of the concept of ‘country’ or ‘nation’, and the emergence of smaller units of governance. The city of Paris will absorb surrounding territories and people who will think of themselves not as French, but as Parisians. In short, city states will be the Western European map of the future, with their own cultures and governance. Though based on the Muslim religion, these city states will be ruled by their own clerics, with no allegiance to a central government, because there will be no central government. The problem for Islam will be Eastern Europe, which will not. be affected, and which will retain enormous power as a reminder to the dhimmi Western European populace of what their leaders have thrown away and what they can regain. Sixteen hundred years ago the Eastern emperor Justinian recalled the legions from Britain to save the Western Empire from the barbarians, and the East will have to do so again. The Muslim city states will have an historically short life, but much blood will be shed before Eastern Europe reclaims the West.

They drove the ship upon the rocks
And broke her back
And watched the shimmered darkness fall
In green-edged black
The churches all are shuttered closed
Now storage space
And Imams rule that women may
Not show their face
Yet in the East from Warsaw, Prague
From Budapest
Brave men will gather under arms
In holy quest
They’ll drag the broken, stricken ship
From off the rocks
To set as gently as they can
Upon the stocks
Where willing hands will set her right
And raise her guns
Then step her masts and set to sea
As the tide runs
The cleansing won’t be easy and
Will take much blood
As rivers run bright red and lakes
Fill with the flood
Until at last the Arab and
The Muslim horde
Are driven from Vienna by
The slashing sword

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