The Smiling Policeman

There was a time people listened when the President of the United States spoke. That time has past. President Obama has misread President Teddy Roosevelt’s insistence that the United States walk softly but carry a big stick. No one fears or pays attention to President Obama, who walks softly and carries a big smile. North Korea detonates a nuke, knowing we will do nothing. The Iranians continue to build nukes, knowing we will do nothing. It is truly said, you can get more with a gun and a kind word than you can with just a kind word.



The mullahs say, you wish we’d stop?

Whatever do you mean?

You used to be the biggest cop

But now you’re truly seen

For what you are, a toothless boy

Come begging for to please

Your cringing manner brings us joy

And puts us at our ease

We’ve told you many times before

Our nukes are not for hold

We’ll go ahead and build our store

If we may be so bold

We know you try to do your best

To look so rough and tough

But we know you won’t pass the test

Big smiles just aint enough

But Bibi now’s, a different guy

He’s told you where to go

He’s knows what’s up, he isn’t shy

He’s gonna strike a blow

But we think we are ready for

Whatever Bibi does

We think that we can win this war

We think so just becuz

We know whose side that you are on

We know just where you stand

We know Barack is no Sharon

We know he’ll lend no hand

To either side, that’s who he is

He’s just above all that

Where once US made soda fizz

Today the soda’s flat



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