The Sonambulist

The Middle East is burning, Europe is collapsing, China is threatening to make the South China Sea a Chinese lake, Iran is about to incinerate Israel, and Obama smiles benignly, confident his strategy of appeasement will make everything come out all right. Future historians will remember the current Obama administration as adrift, moving slowly, dreamlike, with President Barack Obama a somnambulist, drifting aimlessly through the rooms of the White House while the world collapses around his feet.



The night closed softly, darkness etched

The corners of the room

And slowly covered all it met

With stygian, darkest gloom

And yet not all were still abed

A mist-like figured stirred

And into Oval Office walked

Without a sound or word

Asleep he was, a gentle snore

As to the maps he crept

And watched as paper countries burned

As he so soundly slept


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