The Taliban – All Lawyered Up

McClatchy reports on US Marines in Afghanistan pinned down by the Taliban in a mountainside village ambush, where US commanders were not permitted to bring down the full weight of military support because there were civilians present, civilians who aided the Taliban in the ambush.




Is from DC

So if we hurt a guy

Dressed in a robe

There’ll be a probe

And lawyers then will cry

That we should not

Return a shot

With civvies in the way

And if we do

Then you know who

Will make the culprits pay

Obama says

And he’s the prez

That battles should be fought

With hands tied twice

And smiling nice

‘Cause that’s what he’s been taught

There’s no excuse

For the caboose

To wag the engineer

And Taliban

Will to a man

Have naught at all to fear


Four Marines were killed in that ambush because the Rules of Engagement say you cannot shoot if there are civilians present, so naturally the Taliban choose to fight where there are civilians. We ask our men to fight and tie their hands. Our men deserve better than having their lives dependent on a lawyer.



From the hells of dark Fallujah

To the sores of Kandahar

They fight our nation’s battles

For each stripe and every star

They fight for right and freedom

For they know what freedom means

They’re the guys who keep us safe from harm

The United States Marines!