The Thumb On The Scale

In the last presidential debate Candy Crowley, a card carrying member of the Obama administration, television news division, stepped into the middle of an exchange about the Benghazi consulate attack in Libya between Governor Romney and President Obama, an exchange dangerous to the president. She interrupted Romney to say the president was right, he wasn’t, and that Romney was wrong, he wasn’t. The whole thing was obviously preplanned and rehearsed, since it centered around a remark made by the president in an obscure Rose Garden speech a month earlier. Is it credible Crowley remembered this remark? I doubt it. It is more likely the whole thing was set up between the Obama campaign and Crowley in the probable event the Benghazi consulate attack came up. One wonders why the Republicans agree to these debates with Democrat moderators who put their thumbs on the scale and actively try their best to make the Democrat look good and the Republican look bad. The only saving grace is that the days of the leftist media are clearly over.


Cry, screech, moan or wail

The thumb’s on the scale

The press intervenes for their man

They jigger the news

And suppress the views

Of those whom they hate ‘cause they can

They smile the quick smile

Of hate all the while

Insisting they’re fairer than that

To choirs they sing

And every day bring

New paper to spread for the cat

They clearly see death

With each lying breath

Of printed and well spoken lies

Their readership’s down

In red ink they drown

And fear lies in back of their eyes


8 thoughts on “The Thumb On The Scale

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