The Touch Of Time

Bill Clinton, campaigning in New Hampshire for his wife Hillary, drew a crowd of six people at a political event. Six. How many years ago was it that Bill Clinton was a Superstar who shone so brightly that the law did not apply to him? And yet, a dissolute life, the steady drip of stories of women, the stories of parties on an island with underage girls, and the sheer sleaziness of the Clintons’ money grabbing behavior has led to his descent into a shadow of the man whom Time once touched.

So gently does the touch of Time
Grace the Immortal Man
Mount Rushmore is a heady climb
Not many of us can
But immortality is such
That Time may see its end
And turn that very gentle touch
Into a steep descend
Into the annals of the lost
Great names and greater men
Who learn to their great bitter cost
That fame is now and then

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