The Turkish Question

President Obama has made a deal with the Turks. For the privilege of using the Turkish airbase at Incirlik against ISIS, Obama has agreed that the Turks will be allowed to bomb our only ally in the fight, the Kurds. The Ottoman Turks terrorized Christian Europe for centuries, killing and enslaving, burning and pillaging, and while the Turks profess friendship with the West, they remain the Muslim Ottomans at heart, slaughtering millions of Armenians and now busily engaged in an ongoing surreptitious genocide against the Kurds. And so we must ask the question.

You say the Turk is not our friend?
That Muslim terror will not end?
That corsairs still slip in the bay?
The shore-side villagers to slay?
And chain the men as galley slaves?
Then leave as silent as the waves?
You say they use now other means?
They kill with Yankee F-16s?
That is their way, have you not heard?
Armenians and now the Kurd

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