The Twin Pillars

The election is over, and so is the reign of the liberal left. They had a good run, from 1933 to 2010, but their time has run out, our money has run out, and our patience has run out. In those 77 years the left has turned the country almost into something it was not in 1932, and what the country was not was a European style socialist country. And now, thanks to Barack Obama, the country has wakened from its long slumber, watching, all unnoticed, the Left slice off one freedom after another, like slicing one thin slice of salami at a time. But thanks to Obama’s impatience, thanks to his impetuous demand that the socialist revolution be completed on his watch, we have wakened, and the salami slicing is at an end. The Left has been handed a stunning defeat, and it is unclear that they will recover any time soon. The new Congress will have its work cut out for it, repealing the socialist medicine bill that was rammed down the throats of an unwilling people, and we now have the votes to prevent further destruction of our freedoms. I can only say, Praise the Lord, that I lived to see this day! 



As dark night comes down

On that Federal town

The pillars of leftism shake

They tremble and weep

For the fall is too steep

It’s enough to keep lefties awake

Tax and spending is done

A long ride and great fun

For apostles of power and greed

But it’s over, my friend

This is clearly the end

So we wish you a hearty god speed

As you leave we will ask

That you complete one task

A task for each laddie and lass

As you go out the door

Will you please just once more

Shove your finger deep into your ass



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