The Un Yun

The Onion, a US magazine given to satire and practical jokes, published an article declaring that the fat, jowly, dour dictator of North Korea, Kim Jon Un, was the sexiest man on Earth. The Chinese and North Koreans picked this up, and not understanding the nature of the Onion, believed it, and praised the Onion and Kim for the honor. One wonders why a North Korean magazine didn’t honor the little fat guy before this? They don’t have much time. Famine once again stalks the glorious Communist country of North Korea, and this time the Army is going hungry. And the army has guns.


A magazine calls Kim Jong Un

The hottest man on Earth

Or so says NKs famed Un Yun

Which never deals in mirth

Whose latest issue’s cover shows

Young Kim in all his glory

Surrounded by his fawns and does

But that’s another story

And still another story line

The Un Yun doesn’t mention

Insist they must that all is fine

Or face lifetime detention

But showing now are regime cracks

As hungry men are arming

And cries get Un off of our backs

Grow more and more alarming

The Un Yun though, like US chums

Still kiss the man in power

And glory in their ill gained crumbs

Despite the late late hour


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