The Vampires Of The Left

The Belmont Club has a post about the Left’s influence and agenda in the government of the United States. Cool and calm and rational, Richard Fernandez describes how Obama has handed the direction of the country to a radical leftist, Nancy Pelosi, and how debt and incompetence are the driving forces of this administration. But I am not calm and rational about it. I believe the leftists now running the country are like vampires, drinking our life’s blood and taking us with them, whether we like it or not, to their dark, dank and mold encrusted graves. 



They lay in darkness, waiting dusk

They cannot stand the light

They smell of rotting flesh and musk

They hate us of the right

They live by parasitic law

They are the vile undead

They eat the flesh of good men raw

They kill or go unfed

Oh yes they smile when meeting you

They bend but do not break

The only thing that we can do

Is drive a wooden stake

Into their shriveled putrid hearts

And with bare hands dismember

The rotten heads and separate parts

Beginning this November



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