The Virtue Scam

Global warming/climate change was always a virtue scam, designed to make guys like Al Gore very rich by selling virtue in the form of carbon credits to captains of industry desirous of staying on the right side of the leftist political establishment. It made no difference to the scammers or to the scammed that there was clear evidence that the earth was considerably warmer a thousand years ago than it is now, made no difference that Greenland ice cores told an entirely different story than the one they were peddling. From a scam designed to make Al Gore rich to a device to destroy the West in general and the United States in particular was a short step, as the left seized on global warming/climate change to gain their cherished dream of destroying capitalism in general and western civilization in particular through the medium of massive wealth transfer to the third world. Climate change, once embraced by the radical left, never had anything to do with climate, rather it had to do with destroying the West. And to the left, destroying the West was its greatest virtue of all.

The Vikings sailed the Arctic sea
A thousand years ago
And found it to be quite ice free
With not a single floe
They farmed a Greenland lush and warm
Wild grapes provided wine
Stout houses proof against a storm
And were abed by nine
But no one cared what Vikings did
A thousand years ago
All evidence was quiet hid
‘Mid cries of no more snow
The scam worked well for many years
Al Gore got very rich
Yet nothing came of warming fears
Complexity’s a bitch

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