The War Of Jenkins’ Ear

Penn State Professor Philip Jenkins, writing in The American Conservative, describes the Third World War as a war between Christians and Muslims. He doesn’t say who wins.



Along the line drawn in the sand

At the tenth degree of latitude

The old and new faiths take their stand

With quite a reversed attitude

For Islam, land that once was theirs

Is changing faiths today

A state of perilous affairs

For the Islamic way

Professor Jenkins seems to think

We’re on the Christians’ side

And posits that there is a link

With Western Christian pride

Professor Jenkins, I’ve got news

No Western pride exists

The West has no one in the pews

And Marxism persists

When Africans give up the gods

Their fathers loved and feared

For someone else’s faith, the odds

Are that that faith has seared

A fire in their souls that must

Have seemed to burn so bright

A faith of love and for the just

A faith of warmth and light

There is a war between the faiths

Says Mr. Jenkins here

Indeed there is, that’s why the wraiths

Whisper in professor’s ear



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