The Wonder And Beauty Of Socialism

Venezuela, swimming in oil, is bankrupt. If you say Caracas real fast it sounds like carcass. The grand socialist experiment, the sclerotic European Union, is on life support, and the French have just begged the Brits for a billion pounds. And so it goes with socialism, and so it will go with us as the Democrats place tens of millions of the unproductive on plantations and pour millions of illegal third worlders across the southern border, all of them supported by the rest of us.

And so we say goodbye to fair Caracas
Goodbye to what’s become a steenking carcass
Where socialism proved to be as dark as
The seventh circle of the depths of hell
In France Hollande says things could not be better
But nonetheless he’s sent the Brits a letter
Demanding that while France won’t be a debtor
A billion pounds or so would suit him well
And so it goes where socialism beckons
The unwashed to demand both firsts and seconds
Despite how known experience still reckons
That very soon the markets ring the bell

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