The Wooden Horse

He Greek debt crisis is spreading across Europe, infecting country after country, like a malignant and infectious disease. Italy is the latest to come down with the malady, and it looks like there will not be enough money to stave off disaster. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, someone once warned, a reference to the wooden horse the Greeks wheeled up to the gates of Troy.



A wooden horse before the gates

The Greeks are bearing gifts
From pensioners and young ingrates

Who work four hour shifts

And take two hours out for lunch

And call it a good day

Then off they go, the whole darn bunch

To sit in some café

Demanding that the Germans come

Up with the money fast

And not just some small piddling sum

Enough that it will last

Until the next debt crisis looms

When Greeks will once again

Insist that talk of fiscal dooms

Is far beyond their ken

And so once more the wooden horse

With Euros thus gets filled

And who is stuck, why us of course

When Uncle Sam gets billed


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