Thirty Barrels Of Oil

Kevin McKenny, in the Guardian, writes approvingly of the release by Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill of Libyan terrorist/murderer Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al Magrahi, ascribing his release to compassion, but which we now know was a deal for Libyan oil. Magrahi and his Libyan accomplices in the Libyan Intelligence Services killed all 259 men, women and children on board Pan Am flight 103 that December night in 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland, plus 11 Scottish civilians on the ground. Convicted by a Scottish court on 31 January 2001 and sentenced to life imprisonment, Magrahi was released on 20 August 2009, after serving almost 8 years and 7 months, approximately 3,125 days, or about 11.6 days in prison for each victim he murdered. German soldiers used to call the kilted Scotties “The Ladies From Hell”. Now they’re just ladies, feminized, emasculated, cynical, gutless men, willing to let a mass murderer go for thirty barrels of oil. Damn shame.  



If I were a wee Scottish bairn

And MacAskill were my daddy

I’d ask about that tiny cairn

That holds the tiny laddy

Who in an airplane with his mom

Was killed in our own Lockerbie

By killers with a Libyan bomb

And in what is a mockery

Is now set free by my own dad

Who says it was compassion

When what that killer should’ve had

Was a good stropping thrashin’

But all is well, so I have heard

Qaddafi’s oil is coming

And I’ve been told by wee small bird

That trade will soon be humming

So maybe things will turn out well

They say the killer’s dying

And everyone says what the hell

The guy will soon be frying

But those who say that don’t believe

There is a hell or heaven

And they of course will never grieve

For a little boy of seven