Thirty Pieces Of Silver

One year ago Arlen Specter, United States Senator from Pennsylvania, left the Republican Party and joined the Democrats, because, he said, it was increasingly clear he would not win the Republican primary in 2010, and he so much wanted to remain a United States Senator.  Specter faces a tough primary fight as challenger Joe Sestak has climbed to within 2 points in the latest Rasmussen poll, and even if he wins the primary he has little chance of beating Republican Toomey in the general election in November. Instead of contesting the Republican primary, giving it a good fight, and if he lost bowing out gracefully, he chose the coward’s way out, and now he will leave public office known to all as Benedict Arlen, a man of no principle or honor, who sold his state, his party and his constituents for a Senate seat he is not going to get anyway. His apostasy was all for nothing.



He is a man of principle

His word his every bond

He thought he was invincible

He had a magic wand

That caused his warm adherents

To pull the lever down

With no Dem interference

He owned his Philly town

Of course there were some questions

‘Bout loyalty and such

And even some suggestions

That he displayed too much

Affection for the party

Of lefties, gays and greens

And every one whose hearty

Grin betrayed behind the scenes

A hunger for the power

To make us unto them

To make us all to cower

In fear of every Dem

And so he joined the other

Who cheered at his left face

But did not call him brother

Nor gave him honored place

I leave you with this thesis

That coupled with his name

The thirty silver pieces

Forever share his shame



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