For a year now, beginning with the day after the November 2016 presidential election, the Democrats have tried to blame the loss by Hillary Clinton, whom all good Democrats believe to be the most qualified person on the planet to be president of the United States, to a vulgar New York hillbilly outsider named Donald Trump. They instantly blamed the Russians for stealing the election that was rightfully theirs, and despite no evidence at all after a full year, the investigations go on, the screams of outrage from the Democrats and the press goes on, and there seems to be no end to it. And I’m getting sick and tired of it. We know why Hillary lost. She sold her country out for money by placing secret government documents on her kitchen counter email server to make it easy for the Russians and the Chinese to read in real time, and who, just coincidentally made millions in contribution to the Clinton Foundation, and was paid 145 million dollars by the Russians for one fifth of our uranium reserves in a money laundering scheme. Hillary Clinton is a criminal and a traitor, and that is why she lost. And one day, one hopes, the Republicans will get some spine and appoint a special prosecutor to put her in prison, along with certain other members of the Obama administration that also betrayed their country.

I’m tired of all this Russians sh**
I don’t believe a single bit
Of all the lies that Schumer cries
Or all the fears Pelosi hears
In that blank space between her ears
I’m tired and so I quit
We all know why the pantsuit lost
We all knew we could not be bossed
By someone who should be in jail
She sold her country by email
With secrets lying there for sale
And yellowcake that wasn’t hers
She sells to Russia for some furs
Plus cash from all her Russian friends
Which if elected never ends
I weary of the constant cry
Of weeping Dems who wonder why
They lost to someone so uncouth
And never do they see the truth
The Donald told her she was fired
And as for us, well we’re just tired

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