Tomahawk missiles strike the Syrian airfield from which the Syrian bombers took off to kill babies and children with nerve gas. The first shoe has dropped, and I believe that if a second shoe needs to be dropped it will be dropped by us.  I do not expect any reaction from the Soviets, nor do I expect a reaction from Assad. I do, however, expect reactions from other players. From the Chinese, they will pay attention when the president says if they do not rein in North Korea he will, something they would not have believed, with reason, from the previous president. And the mullahs have been put on notice, and they will notice that they have been put on notice. This is all to the good. I also expect a reaction from the Democrats, who will no doubt call for Trump’s impeachment and removal from office for exceeding his authority and starting a war without Congressional approval. The MSM will describe, in lurid headlines, the action as a cynical attempt to deflect attention from the treasonous collusion of the Trump campaign with Russia to steal the election from the rightful president. This is a signal to the world that the United States has a new president, and that victory is no longer not an option.

I do not believe President Trump has any intention of getting involved in the Syrian civil war. I do not want, nor do I expect, that the Ist Marine Division and the 4th ID will be packing their bags anytime soon. We should not get militarily involved again in the Middle East. Syria is an open grave and not worth the bones of a single American soldier.

The grave is wide, and long and deep
Where tens of thousands lay in sleep
To join the thousands gone before
Why should we wish to add some more?
In Normandy white crosses sweep
To the horizon, where they keep
The memory of what is war
And what it is worth fighting for
A graveyard is the Middle East
Where rats and worms and ravens feast
On what were once young grenadiers
Who lie in watered graves of tears

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