Too Big To Fail

We are again faced with the problem of what to do about the Greeks. Do we let them default? But if they do then the big banks in Europe, China and the US might well go under, with resulting chaos in the world economy. But aren’t those big banks too big to fail? Yes they are. Governments can’t let them fail because if they fail so will the governments and thus the taxpayers will always have to bail everybody out. But how do the banks feel about this, always at the government’s bidding, always being treated like children by loving parents who won’t let them fail? Do banks have feelings? Of course they do. They have tellers who tell you every day how difficult it is to be too big to fail, how difficult it is to always be at the beck and call of politicians who think nothing of putting shareholders and officers on the line for their political gain. I think the big banks are fed up with the whole rotten business and have a good mind to toss it all and show them they are NOT too big to fail. That’ll teach ‘em.



They said I was too big to fail

Too big to just go under

While politicians not in jail

Make blunder after blunder

Oh yes I’m at my master’s beck

I lend to those unable

To pay it back but what the heck

There’s stuff under the table

And so I go my merry way

Defaults are much too messy

We know the taxpayer will pay

So long’s the corpse still dressy

I’ve always wagged the big dog’s tail

For many years I hid it

And yes they say too big to fail

But I went ahead and did it


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