Trump Card

We may never know if the actions of the Obama administration are the result of incompetence or malice. We will not recover from the unmitigated disaster that is Barack Obama by electing an institutional Republican, all of whom have proved over the years to be Democrat Lite, and sometimes not so Lite. Therefore we need a gale force wind to sweep the governing class out, a tidal wave to clean the noisome stables of lobbyists and bureaucrats and drones, and an epochal earthquake to bring down the whole rotten political edifice that has stifled the country and betrayed the middle class working man and woman. In short, we need a man like Donald Trump, a man who eschews the proverbial white horse, preferring his 767.

The country’s stagnant, we need Trump
Obama left the place a dump
A man to make the rubble jump
That is Trump
We need to get over the hump
The Democrats we need to thump
In victory a big fist bump
Thanks to Trump
Enthusiasm he can pump
A First Lady who’s not a frump
A man to give the Left a lump
We need a Trump

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