A bunch of hackers who call themselves Anonymous have released secret emails revealing that Iran and Syria are supplying weapons made in Belarus and Ukraine to the Palestinian terror organization Hamas. But didn’t the recent cease fire signed by Hamas and Israel specifically call for Egypt to see that no such weapons are supplied to Hamas? Of course it did, but anyone who thought this would be honored by Egypt, Syria, Hamas or anyone else also believes Unicorns live in lairs. What are we to make of this? Well, for one thing, nothing is secret once delivered into the ethereal void via email or twitter or anything else.


Do unicorns really have lairs?

Are stallions horned but not the mares?

When boarding arks, they go in pairs?

The answers are not known

Are emails secret and secure?

As secret as behind closed door?

Does anybody know for sure?

Anonymous has shown

That secrets are things of the past

When emails to the winds are cast

That everything is known real fast

And then your cover’s blown

The universe is surely queer

What e’re you say someone will hear

So whisper secrets close and near

Not email or the phone


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