Valentine’s Day 2016

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, and so we are posting our valentines today be make sure they are received in time.


A grateful nation sings your praise
In showers likened to the dew
That gently on your bosom lays
Until the sun may shine on you
And see you glow in rainbow hues
To dry your misted golden hair
Or will the FBI refuse
To let you walk without a care


The elderly will have the chance
To see if they can make the dance
Old bones still sprightly on the trail
The press still gives his past a veil
For Communism he still yearns
For college kids he brightly burns


We’ll miss your girlish elfin smile
We’ll miss that gay-straight swishy style
We’ll miss the snarky hissy-fits
We’ll miss the silver throne where sits
The most incompetent to date
Who ever ruled a nation-state


We love you Donald, boy and how
We love your mean and dirty scowl
We know you’ll never take no sass
Ride into town and kick some ass
Fire hose, flush out the joint
Make sure the bastards get the point
We know you’ll shake the DC up
We’ll marry you, sign the pre-nup


Yes Ted, we like the way you talk
We like the way you walk the walk
And Mario, we can’t forget
On Schumer’s smile you placed your bet
And Jeb we know you have been blest
But still we like your brother best

And so for valentines this day
We’ve listened as you’ve had your say
The trail goes on, play to us hicks
But guys, we’ve mostly made our picks

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