Venus And Mars

Barack Obama was elected president of the United States in November 2008, hailed as the Messiah, the Lightworker, the bringer of the sun to Earth. The world swooned at his feet, and he was shortly thereafter awarded the Nobel Peace Prize simply for being Barack Obama. He believed then that he was Mars and the rest of the world was Venus. But now everything has gone horribly wrong, and he has discovered that this erotic fantasy was now the other way around, that the world is Mars and he is Venus. And apparently that’s the way he likes it.

 Oh the world I once kissed
And she didn’t resist
I remember
And we danced ‘midst the stars
We were Venus and Mars
And in love
When we both said I do
With the sun peeping through
That November
Darling what has gone wrong
To the words of our song
To our love
Has the moon lost its glow
Has our love ceased to grow
In your heart dear
I can still see the stars
We were Venus and Mars
Much in love
But now you dear are Mars
And now I bear the scars
Must we part dear
I remember love’s ways
And the sweet tender days
Of our love

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