While The Gettin’s Good

North Korea recently claimed to have weaponized enough plutonium from spent fuel rods to increase their nuclear arsenal, just one day after telling Washington it wanted direct talks with the United States. President Obama is said to be considering acquiescing to North Korea’s request, believing, as he does, that being nice to our enemies is the height of nuanced diplomacy. Word is the president will shortly announce that Hillary Clinton, the tough Secretary of Deference, will fly to Pyongyang to engage in one to one talks with the deranged dictator of a starving fifth world country, the better to accede to their demands.



Our President Obama says

The Norks have crossed the line

Since we don’t mind the nukes they have

With that we were just fine

But going forward with fuel rods

And making more nuke stuff

Is causing us to rethink things

And say that that’s enough

We have to take a firmer stand

And lets them really know

That we intend to scowl a bit

And let displeasure show

They want fresh talks with us alone

Or they will weaponize

And make more nukes but as to that

They’ve got to realize

That if our Sec of State appears

In Pyongyang for some talks

We’ve been along that road before

Most often with our hawks

We’re dovish now and so it seems

That North Korea should

Accept our kind surrender now

While the gettin’s good