White Racism

We are all racists now. Every white s-o-b of us. The EEOC has recommended an investigation into the allegation of intolerable racism committed by a white man who wore a cap to work with the iconic Revolutionary War flag flown by the US Navy, a flag depicting a coiled, segmented snake, with the legend, Don’t Tread On Me. The EEOC did not toss the complaint and the complainant into the wastebasket, they took it seriously. Such is the tenor of our times. All it takes to open an official investigation is one person making a ridiculous complaint of racism, and the wheels of government grind a man who wears a hat with a Revolutionary War flag on it into the dust.

Together must we racists stick
Or separate we hang
The other side is very slick
They claim to have a pang
Of sheer discomfort when they see
A flag that they despise
A look’s enough to make them pee
With hatred in their eyes
They know the government’s with them
They know that just a word
From any addled looney Dem
No matter how absurd
Will launch a punishment to hurt
The poor white innocent
And grind poor whitey in the dirt
They truly do resent
The presence of us white folks here
In land they claim their own
But surely they must sometimes fear
The hatred they have sown

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