Who Am I?

The French guy who assaulted the hotel maid in New York is reported to have demanded of the woman, when she resisted him, “Do you know who I am?” You see, he was and is a member of the liberal elite, one of our self styled betters, chosen by birth to rule us, and therefore entitled to whatever he wants, including the young women of the working class.



I can’t believe that you don’t know

Just who and what I am

I’m the guy who runs the show

On every mini-cam

My face is plastered far and wide

My words on every tongue

With lovely women by my side

We walk with pavements strung

With flower petals and with gold

And diamonds fall like dew

The hoi polloi do as they’re told

And yes I speak to you

So when you say that you don’t know

Just who I am and be

Your statements just enrage me so

You’re you, and I am me


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