Whose Eye Is On The Sparrow?

The United States and Israel recently held a top secret missile interception test over the Mediterranean, which was, of course trumpeted by the White House as a complete victory for the Obama Administration in that it showed to Iran and others that the Israel rocket, the Sparrow, could shoot down an incoming missile. But everyone knew that, for a Russian spy ship was in the vicinity, capturing all the telemetry, so whatever it was, secret it was not. Which raises the question, what was the real purpose of the test?

Whose eye is on the sparrow
Whose vision is so narrow
That tiny birds like sparrows loom so large
Perhaps an interception
Or possibly deception
We know not and know not just who’s in charge
The Israelis aren’t saying
Who sits by and who is playing
Or just why whatever flew or why it did
Our directed gaze so narrow
That a Ouija board or Tarot
Could not answer questions carefully so hid

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