With Every Breath I Take

Hillary’s short term strategy is working, due to Trump’s combative nature that believes every blow must be returned with a blow. Witness the trap so cleverly set by the Dems with the Khan family, a trap eagerly stepped into by Trump. Every time Donald Trump tweets some late night tweet, I hold my breath, fearing the worst. If someone would only take his tweeter away and hide it at the bottom of his toy box, we would all sleep a lot better. He has this thing wrapped up. The only thing that can lose this election for him is himself. Please, someone shout, yell, scream. No more ad lib, ad hominem tweets during the dark hours of his soul. If he keeps it up we will lose the last best chance to keep our country.

The words get tangled in my mind
I scream please stop for goodness sake
I pray his tweets all go unsigned
With every tortured breath I take
Why does he think he must respond
To every slight both real and fake
I shiver with a deep despond
With every sobbing breath I take
If Clinton wins we lose it all
I cannot sleep, I lie awake
In dread of all that could befall
With every fearful breath I take

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