You Don’t Need Directions To Get Home

The dreams do not come as often now, it has been far too many years, but I find myself, occasionally, on the bus, coming down the familiar road, past the familiar houses, to the street where I lived with my parents and sisters. I walk to the house that has not changed with time, and go in, to find it empty, and a dark sorrow overcomes me as I realize no one is there and I am alone. The dream always ends there, but of course I am not alone, for memories are alive, as alive as dreams, and I know that one day I will walk into that house and be greeted by loving arms.

No matter where you’ve been
No matter where you are
Or when you might begin
Just pick the nearest star
That burns as if to speak
And guides you through the maze
Of memories so bleak
That terror fills your days
The distance matters not
Nor difficulties great
Be home a tiny plot
Or green-grassed great estate
Your loved ones are still there
Though empty be each room
Your foot upon the stair
Dispels the musty gloom
No sound but footsteps yours
Shut up the house for years
You try the bedroom doors
Despite the salt-warm tears
The past has cast its spell
A warm, sweet, wistful zone
For they are here as well
Love means you’re not alone

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