Zinging In The Reign


The president, at the beginning of his tour of Asia, visited the great city of Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, where he ensconced his massive entourage of thousands in two luxury hotels, reserving every room on every floor. The president and his clacque  then hied to Delhi where he visited the grave of Mahatma Ghandi, entering the memorial through a bombproof tunnel a half a mile long, built for the occasion by the United States military, no doubt as part of a shovel ready stimulus package. The president is spending a billion of our tax dollars on a ten day trip. Does he care that we are outraged that he is using the US Navy to take thousands of his friends on vacation at our expense? No he does not care. He likes zinging us. He likes giving us the finger. Will he change his tune now that the election has decimated his party? No he will not. Obama will not sing that tune. He has his own song. He is zingin’ in the reign.


I’m zinging in the reign

Though it’s raining in the Singh

What a glorious feeling

The wonders I bring

I lower the seas

I temper the breeze

I’m zinging in the reign

Yes we’re here in Mumbai

Just my dear wife and I

We’re just like most people

We like living high

Then we’ll visit a mosque

Tea at friendly kiosk

Just zinging in the reign

For just millions a day

We will laugh and we’ll play

‘Cause it isn’t our money

It’s not us who will pay

The Navy’s on hand

Just to see that we land

Just zinging in the reign



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