1177 BC Redux

Few people, and none of our leaders, are aware that 1177 BC saw the collapse of what was, at the time, the most advanced civilization on the face of the Earth. That collapse brought forth a new civilization headed by Carthage and later Rome, so the collapse of Western civilization will not bring an eternal void, but a new world civilization, which will probably look more like 1177 AD than anything familiar to us today. Fewer white babies are being born today in the United States than black and brown babies. In the United States and Western Europe more white people die every year than are born. In two generations Americans of White European heritage will be a minority in their own country, with citizens of a Third World culture running the government

When citizens of Mexico
Vote in the USA
Do not expect their votes to go to thee
For they will vote for those they know
It’s always been that way
And with majority then we shall see
That soon White people will be forced
To choose where they shall live
In Canada or enclaves gated shut
Their taxes fully now resourced
And all they have to give
To fund the welfare state no matter what
White people that once built this land
And led the world in art
And science and technology as well
See deserts now returned to sand
And while they do their part
In time the country’s doomed to third world hell

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