Demographics is destiny, and demographics says, as clearly as anything can be said, that if present population trends continue, both Western Europe and the United States will have non-European majority populations in about two generations. In Europe the problem is Muslim immigrants and in the United States it is Mexican immigrants. It may be too late for Europe to avoid catastrophe. Sweden has already become a majority Muslim nation, and the rest is certain to follow. Catastrophe because Sharia law follows Muslim majorities, with Islamic fascism settling over Europe, where the descendants of the people who built the world’s greatest civilization, the people who gave the world art and music and science and medicine and technology are reduced to second class status in their own country, forbidden to own property, forbidden to send their daughters to school, doomed to watch their cathedrals and culture destroyed. To counter this catastrophe, the Europeans will raise up fascist dictators who will do what the current Leftist political elites will not do, which is to fight for the land of their fathers, thus ensuring another catastrophe, war to the death between Muslims and Christians that will make the Thirty Years War look peaceful. The non-white majority for the United States will not result in bloody religious civil war, and so will not be quite as catastrophic, except for those whites doomed to live in a third world country ruled by people from another culture and in another language.

But will all the trends continue
Will the immigration cease
Will the Muslims now in Europe
Give up war and turn to peace?
Will the European people
Come to see the threat in time
Or will European Leftists
Say resistance is a crime?
In the US will white people
Shrug and turn the other cheek
As the country changes color
And the language that we speak
Becomes Spanish out on Main Street
Signs say English spoken here
And our black and brown great cities
Harbor folks who live in fear
As the color coded turf war
Turns the neighborhoods blood red
And the few remaining white folk
Hunker down in fear and dread
But resistance groups will gather
Led by strong and ruthless men
Grow in strength and arms and fight to
Get their country back again
We have seen this all before when
Tribes invaded others’ land
And the issue that’s decided
Is just who it is will stand
When the horse-borne fearsome swordsmen
Ride in out the blood red sky
Do you fight or let your children
Cry in fear and wonder why

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