Fly Over

The White House military office recently had a photo op of a backup Air Force One flying over the Statue of Liberty at low altitude, scaring the bejesus out of New Yorkers who remember 9-11.  Mr. Caldera, the political hack put in charge of the office despite the fact the office has until Obama been manned by professional military men, has been relieved of his duties.  The photo op cost over $300,000, a not inconsiderable sum considering alternative less costly means of getting the shot.



Don’t be alarmed, the Air Force said

We won’t hit someone’s building

All we want from A to Zed

Is just a little gilding

For Air Force One, that special craft

The President must ride in

We know the mission turned out daft

That’s nothing we take pride in

We’re sorry that some people took

Our flying low for terror

And while we did this by the book

We will admit the error

The man in charge has been dismissed

Thank goodness he’s not Air Force

And while it’s good that he’s been dissed

We’ve straightened on a fair course

So in the future when we need

That Air Force One go hopping

We’ll get our pictures but we’ll heed

That stuff called photoshopping



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  1. mrschip

    This is funny! I hot linked over from Belmont, so that’s working! Tell Jamie that I like that it remembers me and that I don’t have to type in one of those weird codes. That may not protect you from spam, though.

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