Who’s Counting?

The Inspector General of the Federal Reserve, when asked where all the trillions of dollars lent or spent by the Federal Reserve went, replied she didn’t keep track of that.  I wonder if anybody is.



Don’t you really think it’s funny

That the people with the money

Would at least know where the heck it all got sent

But when you ask about it

Then you might as well just shout it

‘Cause the only thing they know is it got spent

Spent on whom you might well wonder

Spent it well or just a blunder

They just shrug their shoulders with a winning smile

Saying please now not to worry

Things just happen in a hurry

We’ll get back to you in just a little while

If there’s one thing I am certain

It is time to pull the curtain

On the IG at the Federal Reserve

As the trillion debt is mounting

She just shrugs and says who’s counting

So I guess we always get what we deserve



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