What, Me Worry?

Secretary of Defense Gates, touring the Middle East, is assuring the Saudis and other allies that the Obama adinistration is not throwing them under the bus with the coming talks with Iran.  They are, curiously, unreassured.



Why should you worry, Gates said with a smile

We’re with you and always have been

Of course just because we’ve been friends for a while

Does not mean we think you are kin

The US is under new management now

We have an agenda or two

Don’t ask us the why or the when or the how

Don’t ask us if it includes you

We know what we’re doing, we know what we know

We know that Iran is a friend

So friendly we feel that our friendship must show

A regard for their nuclear end

We’ve outlawed the terror, it’s no longer here

Attacks are disasters man made

That being the case you have nothing to fear

You all have it made in the shade

Of course history shows that appeasements don’t work

That appeasers are seen to be weak

That sooner or later there’ll be a Dunkirk

And it’s happening now as we speak







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