Salmon Chanted Evening

Something’s fishy, people say
A slur to briny cousins
You don’t hear fish say that ‘bout us
Though reasons they have dozens
We treat them all about the same
With hook and net and trawler
We bait them with some eel or squid
And sometimes a night crawler
And all because they’re good to eat
Their taste is quite delicious
Salmon, trout or small mouth bass
Just show me where the fish is
They’re not as dumb as some do think
They talk and sing till late
Nearer My Cod To Thee is one
And another Kiss Me Skate
Come Joe Sardine In My Flying Machine
And the popular Am l Blue
I love to hear those good old songs
But I wish they’d sing something new

2 thoughts on “Salmon Chanted Evening

  1. Anneh's neice

    In it’s entirety this time:

    Our scaly kin indeed have borne
    The slights and disregard and scorn
    We’ve heaped upon their slippery souls
    Or was that sole, hooked on the poles?
    It doesn’t matter what the species
    Scaled, or feathered, flocked in fleecies
    Hairless skin or fully furred
    Every creature has been slurred.
    Intelligence is not rewarded
    Nor is respect so oft accorded
    To anyone called “tasty dish”
    What comes to mind is, Mmm, delish!
    Funny you should mention salmon
    Then protest the thought of famine
    As the lemon butter swirls
    And the napkin next unfurls.
    I say the best way to show favor
    Is to truly smile and savor
    Any morsel, foe or brother
    We’re all food at one time or ’nother.

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