23 Weeks

Planned Parenthood removes viable, living babies from their mothers’ wombs, dismembers them and sells their body parts. Leftist power always leads to Leftist tyranny and barbarism, and barbarism always leads to decay and destruction.

At 23 weeks
She knew her mother’s voice
She woke and slept
In rhythm with the constancy
And comfort
Of her mother’s heartbeat
She was aware of herself
Aware of her surroundings
Unknowing of the future
She was unafraid
A sudden spasm
Something tearing at her
Pulling her apart
She screamed
Terribly afraid
Aware of the searing pain
Aware of the encroaching silence
She longed above all else
To hear the beating of her mother’s heart
In the briefest of moments she had left
She thought of her mother
And how she loved her

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