The Spider And The Fly

President Obama’s lovable friend, Dr. Zeke (Mengele) Emmanuel, the leading proponent of death panels for Obamacare, says he has voluntarily decided to die at age 75, and proposes that everyone else also die at 75 so as not to become a burden on the family and the health care system. He does not say if universal death at 75 is to be voluntary or government aided, but I have my suspicions. I’m 85, with no observable expiration date, and intend to continue to bore my grandchildren and great-grandchildren for another thirty years with how much better it was in the good old days.

I don’t want to be a burden
Said the spider to the fly
Come sit with me and listen to me well
I’ve set the date that I shall say
Goodbye to all and die
For it is I who strikes the mourning bell
But think thee said the little fly
What surely you will miss
The beauty of your web in dew specked sun
Bejeweled with gleaming diamonds from
The sun’s sweet gentle kiss
All gone as soon as life is truly done
The spider, weeping, gave a sigh
And said I know you’re right
But I am tired of seizing such as you
Depriving you of your short days
And wrapping you up tight
For you’re entitled to your lifetime too
So saying then, the spider leaped
The fly was quick and bold
And hovered as he watched the web still sway
It sorrows me, the small fly said
To see you’re getting old
The date you’ve set must surely be today

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