3-D Printing

Three-D printing is the wave of the future, or so we are told. They’ve just printed some guy a new skull, and I ask how long until we can print an entire human? I don’t know, but if I’m still around I know who I’m going to order. The possibilities are endless. Look in the catalog under Blondes. Want a living, breathing Marilyn Monroe? Pretty expensive, but ultimately the prices will drop, and you might be able to get a Rita Hayworth or a Kate Upton for under ten thousand dollars, with a cut-rate Special on Britney Spears. And of course there would be catalogs for women too. So if I clone myself back to age 25……


A gorgeous blonde, a sweet brunette

And redheads by the mile

A blowsy broad, a tease coquette

Will bring a thoughtful smile

To every man who ever dreamed

Of a woman might have been

He’ll pay the price and hope there seemed

A difference ‘neath the skin