Tin Pot Dictators

Hugo Chavez, a tin pot dictator, has died, and his death was greeted with sorrow by the usual leftist suspects, like Sean Penn and Oliver Stone, who called him a great man, a man of the people, and so on. This happens all the time. Just wait till you see the outpouring of grief from the left when Castro dies. I spoke to a liberal friend recently and asked why he was so enamored of tin pot leftist dictators. He smiled and said


Tin pots are made by tinkers

They mend them on the spot

Democracies have thinkers

Who think that they have got

The right to chain up free men

To jobs we all disdain

Discouraging the dreamin’

And crushing who complain

But tin pots like to tinker

The law is not for them

For law just puts a blinker

On those who must condemn

The cut throat market forces

And voting by the mob

That’s why the proper course is

Give tin pot guys the job