500 Nights

Fueled by massive illegal immigrant votes and the mysterious behavior of voting machines in deep red precincts to return large Democrat majorities, a bright blue wave swept the House and Senate. The impeachment and trial of president Trump, filled with fake evidence provided by the FBI and intelligence agencies, lasted two years. The blue tsunami of 2020 brought a previously little known California congresswoman into the White House, and Attorney General Hillary Clinton immediately arrested her political opponents and anyone she perceived to be a threat. A wealthy singer/songwriter avoided the reeducation prisons by signing over all his possessions to the Clinton Foundation, allowing him to emigrate. He stood, now, alone, in a light rain, at the rail of the ship, looking back at the statue of Liberty, partially obscured and standing motionless in the rain. He stared fixedly at her slowly receding figure and silently composed a love song to her, superimposing his own words upon the melody of the Courtney Marie Andrews song 500 Nights. He sang the words in his mind, not moving his lips or changing his expression, for the surveillance cameras were everywhere, even on a ship bound for New Zealand. Lady Liberty was now totally obscured by the increasingly heavy rain, and with the words and music burning in his mind, he took one last look back, then faced the surveillance camera and sang the words aloud.

I saw you standing in the rain
My every thought being with you again
But I am not one to complain
Still I remember what we had back then
Five hundred nights, was all it took for darkness to descend
Five hundred nights, we never thought that liberty would end
Five hundred nights
Five hundred nights

When he felt the ship in the chop of the limitless sea he turned and left the rail.