The China Clipper

Way back before World War 2 Pan American World Airways flew giant flying boats across the Pacific to places like the Philippines and China. A flying boat, for those too young to have ever heard of them, were large four engine airplanes that could take off from and land on water, Great range but slow speed made for long flights, but still much faster than by ship. The most famous of these airplanes was the China Clipper, which flew from San Francisco to China, with stops at a Pacific island or two in between for gas. Then China was an economic basket case, while today China is challenging the US for economic dominance, thanks to the American globalists who transferred their manufacturing plants to China to take advantage of cheap labor. China is using that American money to build up their military, and flood our best universities with smart young people who steal our research secrets and send them back to a China that is preparing to fight a war with us for control of southeast Asia and the surrounding seas. I much preferred the days of the China Clipper.

Pan Am once flew great flying boats
By name the China Clipper
But that was when the seas were moats
Way back before the Gipper
When China posed no greater threat
Than Cuba or Honduras
With China deeply in our debt
No reason to abjure us
But that was then and this is now
And China’s a great power
All thanks to big red Chairman Mao
Who let each bloom to flower
And now they steal our secrets blind
And send us student spyers
We treat the Chinese much too kind
Once sellers now we’re buyers
The Chinese rattle paper swords
Spit fire like a dragon
And threaten to release their hordes
And beat us without braggin’
But China Clippers do not fly
Across the wide Pacific
And I will tell the reason why
And I’ll be quite specific
No longer is the flying boat
The best we can deliver
The B2 is, if I may note
A hydrogen death giver