A Better Place

Many people see a problem with Russian president Vladimir Putin, but I don’t see a problem here. All Putin wants is a better place for his country and its people, just like everyone else. Doesn’t he? A place

Where beautiful the cool  green grass
And sassy is the pretty lass
Where summer is the time for dreams
And KGB is ripe with schemes
Where life is good and true is love
And push does not beget a shove
Where he is strong and still the man
And his bare chest has year-round tan
Where oil prices still reach the sky
And buyers are more prone to buy
Where he’s unerring in his aim
And comes on top in this world game
A better place is all he wants
He weeps for what his Russia once
Was in the world, a power strong
And weeps again because for long
His Russia has been a sick man
And yet he’ll do the best he can
The past of Stalin he’ll embrace
To find that lovely better place