If the Steele dossier is accurate, and we know it must be truthful because we know the FBI would never deceive a FISA court in order to advance a political agenda, then the Russian government has promised 20% of Russia’s natural gas giant Gazprom to a former Trump campaign hanger-on for unspecified activity. It is clear this is a one for one swap for the 20% of our uranium Hillary sold to the Russians for 145 million dollars, and since 20% of Gazprom is worth many billions of dollars, then Bill and Hill have perhaps inadvertently  contributed to making America great again. In other news, Gazprom is having problems competing with American liquefied natural gas, and the Brits are hopping mad that Putin had attempted to assassinate a former Russian spy and his daughter with nerve gas while living in England.

If Britain fears the Russian bear
Will scowl if they should say a word
About a murder, should we care
Or should our flaccid loins we gird
Preparing for the sudden shock
Of Putin stamping both his feet
In rage that we would dare to mock
When we should whimper and to bleat
With US now the carbon king
And fracking makes gas almost free
The Brits pick up the phone and ring
A Texan for some LNG