A Blank Slate

In a recent interview with Verse-afire President Obama complained about the perception abroad that he has failed to deliver on his promises. The problem is, the man is a blank slate, on which everyone has been free to write his own words and draw his own pictures of the president of the United States. In Mogadishu they complain he has not yet made them rich, gays complain he isn’t gay enough, the Arabs think he doesn’t bend over far enough and so forth. No wonder the man is testy. Here is what he said.



I have not failed, I’ve kept my word to you

You see it all around you every day

If I were not in charge of world affairs

Then you would see that there’d be hell to pay

I’ve bought the Chinese off so they’d be still

Korea North is getting all our food

Iran will have the bomb now sometime soon

What happens then depends upon their mood

In Mogadishu clansmen say they wait

For that great day I make them just like us

My policies at home will do just that

And soon we’re Mogadishu West no fuss

My gay friends wonder if I’ve done enough

I’m for gay marriage now because it’s right

When Andrew Sullivan the White House came

The Lincoln bedroom’s where we spent the night

My European friends are much distraught

My Arab buddies think I’ve paid no mind

To their concerns that Jews beside them live

They wish as do we all to be with kind

And so my second term will see the world

More peaceful and productive than before

And so I say to all those on my case

Don’t let your ass get hit by slamming door



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