Darkness Falls

The Left is running scared. The euro is about to come apart, and with it the Eurozone, that socialist monster that the Left imposed on Europe, and which has been a magic goose full of golden eggs for the Left ever since. But it’s about over now, and the Left is scrambling to retain its perks and privileges, trying to convince the voters that the way out of the mess the Left has gotten Europe into is more of the same.



The end is near and darkness falls

But no one hears the screams

For loudly come the siren calls

Of Lefty rescue teams

The Euro is just fine they claim

The problem is the Right

Who forced austerity and blame

Us Lefties for the night

Time darkness that is coming down

On Europe as we speak

And rioters burn down the town

In fits of righteous pique

There is no problem we can’t fix

No resource we can’t tax

And never will we say machts nichts

The Left has got your backs



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