A Bubbly Life

A recent survey of young Japanese men and women showed an astoundingly high percentage are uninterested in sex or marriage. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki you can’t blame the Japanese for shying away from nuclear families. And there is much to be said for a soft, warm, always smiling, no backtalk blow-up doll, although I understand the Japanese are working on a sex doll that sits in a corner and sulks if you touch it. In the United States more and more young men have taken to living in bubbles, living their lives on the internet, deterred from interaction with women by vicious feminism, thus avoiding the harridans altogether. As for avoiding the harridans by retreating into bubbles, I believe the feminist menace is overstated. In Sweden a feminist led campaign to force men to pee sitting down was defeated, and all the male politicians who supported it were unseated. I spoke to a man who had a different view of things, and he said feminists were hostile and aggressive because deep down they want to be slapped around.

A woman is a woman
But a good cigar’s a smoke
Was said by a wise man some years ago
It got a laugh, a giggle, grin
And taken as a joke
Just goes to show how little did we know
That years would pass, the women rise
Men’s mastery grew short
And women would not bow to master’s whim
Believing that their bodies
As sustained by every court
Belonged to them and never more to him
And so was born the feminist
Who cried she would not bow
To any man not even if he’s cute
Her body was her own and not
A man would tell her how
She’d use it for a man was but a brute
And thus we have a coterie
Of quite unhappy girls
Whose teenage years are bleak and full of pain
Whose only choice is whom to hate
And which foul word she hurls
The plaudits of her friends her only gain
Ah no my friends, do not retreat
To bubbles snug and tight
The feminist deserves your love, not scorn
Invite her in, profess your love
And if you treat her right
She’ll make you wish you never had been born

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