To My Valentine

It’s the end of January, Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and just about this time in 1998 the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinski sex scandal broke upon us, the titillating details keeping everyone amused for months.  Monica Lewinsky has recently resurfaced, now forty-one years old, and blames Drudge for ruining her life, evidently believing her actions had nothing to do with ruining her life, that being the nineteen year old mistress of President Clinton, servicing him orally while crouching under the desk in the Oval office had nothing to do with the resulting scandal. You would think that the scandal and headlines were close enough to Valentine’s Day for Bill to have sent her a valentine instead of insisting he did not have sexual relations with that woman. Had he done so it might have gone like this:

I handed you a pretty line
I told you that you looked so fine
We made my desk both yours and mine
So won’t you be my Valentine
Old Hillary will never know
Beneath my desk you’ll never show
This intern job is yours to blow
Oh Valentine I love you so

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